Social Engineering Risk Assessments

Understand the risks facing your organization when it comes to common fraud schemes with our social engineering assessments.

Social Engineering Risk Assessment Solutions

Your employees are the best defense against many cyberattacks, but the human element is often the weakest link in any security system. All it takes is one person to click a rouge link or act in an unauthorized manner to compromise the entire organization. Discover how your employees respond to common social engineering attack methods with our customized risk assessments.

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Find gaps in employee training

Get a better understanding of your employees’ security knowledge and discover where more training or resources are needed to bolster the overall security of your organization.  

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Practice real-world situations

Foresite crafts and attempts common real-world social engineering attacks to discover exactly where you’re most vulnerable, helping you to determine a proactive training plan to thwart real attacks.  

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Scalable for any organization

Phishing, Smishing, spear phishing, media drops. Our experts work with you to craft a social engineering risk assessment that fits your in-person, remote, or hybrid organization.  

Protect your data, people, and brands

Our comprehensive approach to social engineering risk assessment means we help you stay ahead of the latest attacks. We assess your risks and vulnerabilities and offer a customized set of recommendations that will work to protect any workplace regardless of size or location.

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Prevent social engineering attacks with proactive risk assessments

Social engineering attacks can take on many forms. Traditional cybersecurity assessments are designed to test your technology, but your systems are only as secure as the people who operate them. Foresite offers a variety of social engineering risk assessments that are customized to your organization and designed to help you identify where to focus your training and resources. 

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Conducting a social engineering risk assessment


Conducting social engineering exploits without the explicit permission of business leaders is illegal. Because of this, we work with our customers to ensure that proper notice is given to a corporate IT contact along with the approximate schedule of attack(s). In the event of an on-site assessment, the Foresite employee will carry a signed copy of the Terms and Conditions and Authorization agreement acknowledging the legitimacy of their actions.