What is MDR anyway? 

MDR (managed detection and response) is a proactive and advanced approach to cybersecurity through not only the detection of malicious activities in your network, but also includes security threat hunting, cybersecurity monitoring, assistance in rapid breach incident analysis, and responses to actually eliminate threats from your system.

Summary of Our MDR Capabilies


How it works for you

Proactive threat hunting We hunt down threats to your system only humans can find
Advanced reporting Your logs and alerts are organized and summarized so you can see what we’re doing and keep doing what you do
24/7 monitoring Analysts in our SOC watch out for your business 24/7/365
Log analysis We connect to your current tools to find your alerts and investigate
Network analysis We analyze alerts from your network security tools to help investigate and hunt down threats
Expert alert filtration Our skilled analysts filter out false positives
ProVision detection rules Precision alerts from ProVision-curated rules
Incident validation/notification East to read dashboards providing your with detailed analysis for what happened, where, when, why, and how
Remote response Our analysis will investigate and provide you with detatiled reports and step-by-step actions
Containment and remediation You decide, follow our recommendation steps or we can do it for you!
Pro recommendations Our team will provide you with detailed direction on how to progress and remove the root cause of recurrent incidents

Increase Your Operational Efficiencies

  • 24/7/365 Monitoring & Management
    • Our staff will monitor and manage for you, reducing your need for additional FTEs and other resources
  • Dedicated Cybersecurity SOC-as-a-Service
    • Allows for repurposing internal resources in order to create the most efficient program possible

Reduce Your Expenses

  • Dedicated and Trained Cybersecurity Staff
    • Using our staff allows you to have less overall direct expenses (staffing, training, benefits, etc.)
  • Predictable as-a-Service Pricing Model
    • Combine a full-featured suite of people, process and technology into your MDR package

Reduce Your Risk

  • Measurable Improvements
    • See reduced Mean Time to Detect (MTTD), Mean Time to Respond (MTTR) and overall remediation times within your environment
  • Industry-Leading Best Practice Support
    • Our highly trained team will provide the support you need to reduce your overall threat landscape and respond to breaches appropriately

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