Managed Detection and Response Solutions

Advanced proactive threat hunting, detection and response services to eliminate threats.

Protect Your Business With Managed Detection and Response Solutions

Software alone won’t address all of your business’s cybersecurity needs

Why work with us

  • MDR Services provide better proactive defense than traditional managed security services alone.
  • Managed detection and response services can significantly reduce breach damage.
  • Meet compliance regulatory requirements for your industry.
  • Reduce time to identify cyber security risks enabling faster and more effective response times. 

“There are only two types of companies: Those that have been hacked, and those that will be. Even that is merging into one category: Those that have been hacked and will be again.”

Robert Mueller

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Managed Detection and Response Services

24/7 Monitoring

Cyber security teams in our SOCs provide people processes and technology watching out for your business 24/7/365

Log Analysis

Proprietary collection, reporting, storage, and analysis by our ProVision platform

Threat Hunting

Proactive human led threat detection to identify advanced threats in your technology stack

Network Analysis

Our managed security service analyzes alerts from your network security tools to help investigate and hunt down threats

Alert Filtration

Detection and response services provide validation of real threats in an overwhelming amount of daily security alerts

Incident Response

Expert investigation, containment, and remediation guidance responding to threats

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Importance of Managed Detection and Response

Foresite’s managed detection and response solutions enable a proactive and advanced approach to cybersecurity. 

Advanced Detection

Detection of malicious activities through security threat hunting, and monitoring significantly reduce days to response.

Faster Response

Rapid incident analysis and response significantly lessons security breach costs.

Managed Detection and Response Solutions

Managed Detection and Response (MDR) combines powerful cyber security analytics with human led threat hunting.

Threat Hunting

Search and eliminate threats before an attack occurs

Better Approach

MDR isn’t a replacement for traditional monitoring and event management, but complements those efforts.

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