Technology Partners

Foresite Cybersecurity has created integrations and partnerships with world-class leaders to offer innovative solutions for our customers. Find out more about how we work with our technology partners to create holistic cybersecurity and risk management solutions. 

Palo Alto Cortex XSOAR

Active attacks require immediate action. React to threats in real time with automated device management and playbooks designed to automatically remediate potential cyber attacks. This integration helps customers to experience 90% faster resolution and lessens the burden on manual remediation requiring teams to deal with 75% fewer incidents.

Palo Alto Cortex XSOAR is fully integrated into the ProVision Open XDR platform for all customers.

safebreach square logo


Get more information about how your organization is susceptible to cyberattacks so you can start to mitigate and monitor for high-criticality threat tactics. Thanks to our partnership with Safebreach, you'll get exposure management with simulated attacks that mimic actual hacker behavior and aligned to MITRE ATT&CK Tactics and Techniques and a better understanding of your internal environment.

Safebreach is included at no extra cost with all FIRM 360 subscriptions and above.

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Security Scorecard

Discover where attackers are likely to strike based on your most vulnerable access points with vulnerability scanning and risk scoring of your organization's external network and assets. See your environment through the eyes of external attackers and align your results to your compliance controls.

Security Scorecard is included at no extra cost with all FIRM 360 subscriptions and above.

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You can’t protect what you can’t see which is why organizations trust Tanium for enhanced network and endpoint visibility. This powerful solution for IT and security teams helps keep networks and devices more secure with asset mapping and automated device management. Understand your risk across vulnerabilities, compliance, patch status, sensitive data, and threats and speed up your reaction and remediation times.

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Gain complete and comprehensive endpoint and network visibility with VMware's endpoint detection and response tool. This solution allows organizations to effectively combine endpoint security, endpoint management, network edge security, and automation and orchestration for reduced risks across on-premises, remote, and hybrid work environments.