Penetration Testing

Protect your business by pinpointing areas of vulnerabilities and eliminating weaknesses

Penetration testing solutions

Proactively testing your cyber defenses is one of the best ways to ensure you’re safe from data breaches and other cyber threats. Foresite Cybersecurity pen testing helps to identify vulnerabilities in your systems and infrastructure before they can be used against you.  

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360° holistic penetration testing

Find and eliminate security gaps before they impact your business. Get a complete view of your vulnerabilities with internal, external, cloud, and web application pen testing solutions.  

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Third-party pen testing as a service (PTaaS)

Get a true understanding of your current security from an outsider’s perspective. Our penetration testing as a service (PTaaS) solution is an affordable option for businesses of all sizes.  

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White, gray, or black-box testing

Choose a whitelist assessment for total understanding of your internal infrastructure & application security, a black box test to see how your security holds up against attacks, or gray box for the best of both worlds. 

Managed autonomous testing

Our managed autonomous testing does not require credentialed agents or scripting and is safe to run in production environments. Foresite’s Managed Autonomous Testing, powered by NodeZero, offers a dynamic and comprehensive approach to address the core questions crucial to your organization’s security.

Proactively detect and respond to cyber weaknesses

Customizable and scalable penetration testing for organizations of every size.
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Comprehensive, custom-tailored pen testing

Your business isn’t one-size-fits-all, so why should your penetration assessments be? Our skilled and experienced team of penetration testers work with you to make the most of your testing engagement, helping you to find the answers to the questions that matter most to you.  

Vulnerability and internal network penetration testing provide your organization with an edge in protecting your sensitive assets. By proactively detecting weaknesses and vulnerabilities, you can remediate them early to ensure small problems don’t become costly mistakes.
Cyber-attacks are becoming more common, and your external networks are one of the most public-facing and vulnerable parts of your system. Ensure your systems and defenses are up to the challenge with external network penetration testing.  
Cloud services introduce new vulnerabilities for organizations. As companies move more of their operations to cloud service providers, vulnerability and penetration testing services for their cloud infrastructure becomes crucial. Our security experts will help you ensure your cloud infrastructure is secure.  

With organizations offering an increasing number of services and solutions online, web applications are often one of the most often attacked frontiers for cyber criminals. As a web application penetration testing company, we are experts at identifying vulnerabilities in your web applications. See how your website and web applications stack up against the OWASP Top Ten most common vulnerabilities and assess the effectiveness of your security policies by testing all components of your web applications to identify areas that put your business at risk. 

Penetration testing companies, like Foresite Cybersecurity, assist your computer security teams and fulfill penetration testing requirements. Regular testing is not only recommended, it is required by many regulatory frameworks. We use the most advanced methodologies to provide an independent assessment of your true cyber-risks. 

Vulnerability and penetration test services supply your organization with an edge in protecting your organization’s sensitive assets. By proactively detecting weaknesses and vulnerabilities, you can apply the proper response to ensure small problems don’t become big headaches.


The 3 types of penetration testing

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Black-box testing

In black-box testing, the customer provides network access to resources/equipment. No network information is provided, except static IPs.

Best for: In-depth pen testing that mimics real-world attacks and tests all levels of security defenses (firewalls, EDR tools, etc).
gray box

Gray-box testing

In gray-box testing, the customer provides limited information such as number of active devices, number of subnets, and IP addresses/ranges.

Best for:Balancing depth and efficiency by simulating an insider threat or an attack that has breached the network perimeter.
white box

White-box testing

In white-box testing, the customer provides detailed information about the network, including IP addresses and ranges, sensitive device IPs, network diagrams, and more.

Best for: Saving time & money, simulating a targeted attack on a specific system using as many attack vectors as possible.

Penetration testing steps

If using a black-box pen testing approach, we go through a process of “fingerprinting.” With no inside knowledge of your infrastructure, we identify access points and address ranges, find associated domain names, attempt to gain insight into user id/password makeup, identify potential social engineering avenues, and gather information about your infrastructure.
For black-box, gray-box, and white-box pen testing, we will identify all accessible hosts and their associated services and applications within the identified IP-ranges in their entirety. Where possible, identification will include system type, OS type, services type, and services version.
We identify vulnerabilities for each identified host and associated services using both public and proprietary techniques. Foresite will correlate the vulnerabilities to determine if a combination of vulnerabilities will allow for a larger exploit and provide a risk rating based upon technical, legal and regulatory, and business issues. 
We then conduct a false positive analysis to confirm that the vulnerabilities found via scanning are indeed actual confirmed or potential vulnerabilities. This activity is conducted by a Foresite consultant using manual testing methods. Any exploit that would result in a Denial of Service, disrupt services or system access, or result in the actual penetration of the system and risk damaging the system will not be performed. These vulnerabilities will be listed as potential vulnerabilities and will require further investigation.
Penetration testing activities may be performed on specific network segments, VLANs, or whole networks and customized to your needs. Penetration testing includes exploitation and attempts to gain access via identified vulnerabilities to gather additional data or to devices. Upon gaining access to a device, Foresite will gather information to move laterally (if needed/required) within the environment. This may include installing tools on devices, adding user accounts, or use of installed software/applications for “malicious” actions. All tools and accounts to be removed upon completion of testing. 
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