At Foresite, we work hard to ensure the safety of our clients’ assets, data, and functionality. A great portion of our operation, however, is certifying the satisfaction of our customers and clients. We’re happy when our clients are happy, and we take pride in the work we complete. Below, we’ve compiled a short collage of some of our favorite testimonials submitted by our clients. See what others have to say about Foresite:

Foresite is unlike many security services firms in their approach to the Connecticut State Colleges and Universities. First, they wanted to truly understand our challenges and vision before making any recommendations. Foresite took the time, over a series of meetings to understand our core business practices and workflows before designing security controls. By analyzing our environment and partnered with us as an extension of our team, Foresite is helping the CSCU and their 17 Colleges and Universities identify and remediate security threats to prevent a major cyber breach. With their extensive security experience and the depth of staff/technical resources, Foresite is helping us to become and remain NIST and SANS compliant and ready for future audits. We appreciate their flexible, vendor agnostic, and scalable approach to how they deliver their services.

Joseph Tolisano

Chief Information Officer, Connecticut State Colleges & Universities

A special thanks to Tom on everything he did. The man was a pleasure to work with and really provided us exactly what we needed. I am very pleased that we selected Foresite for our NIST Gap Assessment project.

Global IT Director, Operations of an Aerospace and Defense company

As increasingly sophisticated threats arise, more organizations are leveraging experts to reduce the burden on their internal staff. We look forward to a successful partnership with Foresite to help our customers meet compliance requirements and build a long-term security strategy.

Michael Rapp

President, En Pointe Technologies

It’s very rare that you have the opportunity to meet with peers in other industries and have the opportunity to learn from and share our mutual successes and lessons learned. Foresite helps foster relationships and increase market awareness through providing thought leadership and by bringing their customers together.

John Reichelt

CTO , TJX Companies

Foresite knows PCI. Actually knows the rules, what needs to be done and has a practical hands on approach. Foresite has helped Ark on the road to compliance and has helped me learn the space along the way.

Todd Birnbaum

Development and Operations, Ark Restaurants