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Ever-expanding attack surfaces presents a challenge: you can't protect what you don't see.

In today’s ever-evolving threat landscape, protecting your organization’s digital assets requires a comprehensive approach. Attack surfaces – the sum of your external facing assets – are constantly expanding, making them prime targets for cybercriminals. At Foresite, we offer flexible and robust Attack Surface Management (ASM) services designed to identify, prioritize, and remediate vulnerabilities before they can be exploited.

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ProVision XDR Platform

Foresite Cybersecurity ProVision Platform is a modern, cloud native SecOPs platform enabling holistic cybersecurity and compliance management to defend against today’s threats.
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How ProVision Exposure Management Services Works

In today’s ever-expanding digital landscape, your organization’s attack surface is constantly evolving. New devices, applications, cloud workloads, and remote users create a complex web of potential entry points for attackers. Keeping track of it all and identifying vulnerabilities before they’re exploited can feel overwhelming. That’s where Attack Surface Management (ASM) from Foresite comes in. We provide comprehensive solutions that deliver:

Continuous Visibility

Our advanced tools discover and map all your assets, internal and external, giving you a complete picture of your attack surface. No more blind spots.

Vulnerability Assessment

We don’t just find your assets, we identify their weaknesses. Our automated vulnerability scanning prioritizes threats based on severity and exploitability.

Attack Path Mapping

We go beyond basic vulnerability lists. Our solution maps potential attack paths, allowing you to identify and close the gaps attackers might exploit.

Ongoing Monitoring

Your attack surface is never static. We continuously monitor for changes, new vulnerabilities, and misconfigurations, keeping you ahead of the curve.

Expert Guidance

You’re not on your own. Our team of security specialists will help you interpret the data, prioritize remediation efforts, and develop a robust security posture.


Based on our assessment findings, we work closely with your team to implement proactive measures to mitigate identified risks and strengthen your security posture.

Attack Surface Management-as-a-Service

Elevate Your Managed Detection & Response with Provision Packages

At the heart of every tailored ProVision bundled package lies our Security Information and Event Management capability, delivering unparalleled cyber visibility throughout organizations’ networks. This empowers swift issue identification, accelerates remediation efforts, and facilitates informed business decision-making.


ProVision Essential >

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24x7x365 cybersecurity monitoring and alerting for companies vigilant about preventing breaches.

ProVision Advanced >

Propel your Cybersecurity
Advanced, continuous threat hunting, and managed detection and response empower modern cybersecurity management success.

ProVision Complete >

Turn-key SOC-as-a-Service
Comprehensive cybersecurity, risk, and compliance functions are fulfilled for companies requiring turn-key results.

Why Choose ProVision ASM?

Focus on Your Business

Let us handle the heavy lifting of managing your attack surface. You can focus on your core business while we ensure your security.

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