Security Validation & Breach Attack Simulation (BAS)

Continuous Security Validation Across your Attack Surface

Challenge Your Cybersecurity Defense

Dynamic, autonomously managed testing surpasses the limitations of simulations alone

Foresite’s ProVision Security Validation & Breach Attack Simulation solutions outpace competitors by not only identifying vulnerabilities and weaknesses but also surpassing conventional methods. Our approach goes beyond simulation, incorporating full emulation tactics, techniques, and procedures, providing a level of realism essential for ongoing defense improvement against sophisticated adversaries.

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ProVision XDR Platform

Foresite Cybersecurity ProVision Platform is a modern, cloud native SecOPs platform enabling holistic cybersecurity and compliance management to defend against today’s threats.
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How ProVision BAS Works

Foresite’s ProVision Breach and Attack Simulation offers a proactive and agile cybersecurity solution, empowering organizations to fortify their resilience against ever-evolving cyber threats.

Identifying Weaknesses

Simulate real-world cyberattacks to identify vulnerabilities and weaknesses in an organization’s security defenses. This proactive approach allows businesses to discover potential security gaps before malicious actors can exploit them.

Realistic Testing

Unlike traditional penetration testing, which may occur infrequently, we provide continuous and realistic testing of security controls. This ongoing testing helps organizations stay ahead of evolving threats and ensures that their defenses remain effective over time.

Risk Assessment

By simulating different types of cyberattacks, organizations can assess the potential impact of security breaches on their systems, data, and operations. This allows for a more accurate understanding of the overall cybersecurity risk posture.

Security Awareness

Serves as an educational tool for employees. Simulating phishing attacks, for example, can raise awareness among staff about the dangers of social engineering and help them recognize and respond to potential threats.

Compliance Assurance

Many industries and regulatory bodies require organizations to adhere to specific cybersecurity standards. BAS helps organizations meet these compliance requirements by continuously monitoring and testing security measures.

Optimize Security Investments

By identifying and prioritizing vulnerabilities, organizations can make informed decisions about where to allocate resources for security improvements. This helps optimize the effectiveness of security investments.

Incident Response Preparedness

Simulates the entire lifecycle of a cyberattack, from initial compromise to lateral movement and data exfiltration. This helps organizations test and improve their incident response plans and procedures.

Continuous Improvement

BAS is not a one-time activity; it’s an ongoing process. Regular testing and simulation enable organizations to continuously improve their security posture in response to emerging threats and changing business environments.

Reducing Attack Surface

Helps organizations understand their attack surface by identifying unnecessary or risky services, applications, or configurations. This information allows for the reduction of the attack surface, making it harder for malicious actors to find and exploit vulnerabilities.

Elevate Your Breach & Attack Simulation with Provision Packages

Foresite’s ProVision Advanced and Complete packages offer curated next-generation Breach & Attack Simulation featuring managed autonomous testing, continuous penetration testing, N-day testing, breach and attack simulation, endpoint protection, and SIEM to achieve the ultimate proactive threat hunting solution on the market.


ProVision Advanced >

Elevate your Cybersecurity
Advanced, continuous threat hunting, and managed detection and response empower modern cybersecurity management success.Elevate

ProVision Complete >

Turn-key SOC-as-a-Service
Comprehensive cybersecurity, risk, and compliance functions are fulfilled for companies requiring turn-key results.

Why Choose ProVision Advanced or Complete?

AI-Powered. Elevated Observational Capabilities

ProVision packages deliver unparalleled visibility into your network by integrating SIEM, AI, and human-led threat detection. With advanced tools, we pinpoint threats and identify potential attack paths within your organization, ensuring comprehensive security.

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