The ROI of Managed Autonomous Testing

managed autonomous testing commissioned a Forrester study to examine the potential return on investment (ROI) that organizations may see when using autonomous penetration testing.


The time and cost involved with manual penetration testing renders organizations unable to test their entire networks, frequently retest, efficiently fix risks, or verify the efficacy of their fixes. For a comprehensive security strategy, organizations must consider a solution that continuously tests exploitable attack surfaces, identifies vulnerabilities and attack paths, delivers contextual remediation guidance, and expedites verification that fixes are effective.


Prior to using NodeZero, these interviewees noted how their organizations relied on third-party penetration tests and vulnerability scanners to scan for, identify, and provide remediation guidance for vulnerabilities in their attack surface. However, legacy testing and tools were insufficient and led to poor insights. Organizations experienced expensive, inconsistent, and ineffective third-party penetration tests. They had limited insight into vulnerabilities that posed the most significant risk to their organization and spent weeks sorting through lists of false positives, causing security operations and posture to suffer.


Key benefits:

  • Improved security operations productivity by 30%
  • Saved $255,000 in third-party manual penetration testing labor
  • Reduced cost of vulnerability scanning by $206,000
  • Continuous verification of security posture to confirm remediation of weaknesses
  • Identify sensitive data exposure and reduce risk of breaches.


Foresite’s Managed Autonomous Testing (MAT) service leverages this valuable tool along with our experienced and credentialed cybersecurity team to be sure our clients have the visibility, guidance, and ease of use they need for maximum ROI.

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