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Safeguard your SLED and government data and operations from cyber threats and maintain your regulatory compliance

SLED & goverment cybersecurity solutions

Our team of experts work with you to understand your needs, recommend best practices, and provide the tools to keep you safe from the newest cyber threats. We’re experienced in helping state, local, and educational organizations create customized solutions that fit their cybersecurity and risk management needs. 

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Keep your sensitive data and systems protected with 24/7 SOC-as-a-Service, alerting & monitoring, and a comprehensive risk management platform that helps you stay ahead of cyber threats. 

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Cybersecurity and risk management solutions for SLED

Every year, more than a billion records are compromised by cyber breaches. State, local, and education (SLED) organization are at higher risk than ever. Protect your sensitive data and systems with our comprehensive cybersecurity and risk management solutions. 

Cyber threats don’t just happen during regular business hours. Comprehensive 24/7 monitoring and alerting protects your organization’s vital data and systems around the clock. Our U.S.-based Security Operations Center (SOC) works as an extension of your team to keep you safe and in compliance.

Don’t let your connected devices be the gateway for attackers to compromise your organization. Our device management solution is designed to spot anomalies and ensure your devices remain protected.
Keep your systems up to date without any hassle. Our patch management solution takes care of tedious, but necessary patching tasks automatically without requiring time or resources from your team. Whether you have Windows, Linux, Mac, or another type of system, we keep your remote and on-premises systems current with the latest security patches.
We partner with best-in-class vendors to offer top-of-the-line managed detection and response (MDR) solutions. You get outstanding threat hunting backed by our internal analyst expertise to limit false alarms and only get notified of real threats to your system.

Our team has decades of experience in cybersecurity and compliance to offer the consulting guidance your organization needs.

Foresite Integrated Risk Management (FIRM) simplifies the risk management and compliance process with a multi-framework process that allows you to input your technology, policies, and procedures then automatically scores them across frameworks help you reach your desired level of security and compliance maturity.
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SLED & Government Price List

Foresite Cybersecurity is proud to offer transparent pricing for state, local, and education (SLED) and government organizations. 

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Foresite Cybersecurity offers holistic cybersecurity and risk management solutions that improve your security — without breaking the bank. 

Get fast insight into how automated security and framework compliance software can help your SLED organization stay safe from cyberattacks.  

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