Continuous Penetration Testing

Continuously find, fix, and verify your exploitable attack surface

Go Beyond Annual Testing That Can Be Antiquated The Next Day

Implement a Continuous Find, Fix, and Verify Loop

Powered by’s NodeZero platform, Foresite’s continuous, managed autonomous testing service enables Customers to continuously find, fix, and verify their exploitable attack surface to continuously improve the security effectiveness with ongoing, unlimited, and orchestrated penetration tests.

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It’s concerning to see the ongoing rise in cybercrime, and it’s clear that organizations face significant challenges in addressing this growing threat. Experience how Foresite’s ProVision platform simplifies complex cybersecurity operations to address these challenges.

Find Your Most Critical Risks, Fix What Matters Most

Uncover blind spots in your security posture that go beyond known and patchable vulnerabilities, such as easily compromised credentials, exposed data, misconfigurations, poor security controls, and weak policies.

NodeZero pivots through your network, chaining together weaknesses just as an attacker would and then safely exploits them. You have full visibility into your penetration test’s progress, and the exploits being executed in a real-time view.

When the test is complete, the results are prioritized for your immediate action. The dashboard reveals your critical weaknesses, their impact on your organization, and provides detailed remediation guidance for addressing them both systemically, and individually.

5 Critical Questions Cyber Testing Should Answer

Understand the Path, Proof, and Impact

You have clear visibility into proven attack paths, step-by-step summaries of each path, and a clear understanding of their impact on your organization. NodeZero provides proof of the exploitation, its impact on your organization, and mitigation recommendations.

The Limitations of Traditional Approaches

Not Continuous

It’s a point-in-time exercise, often conducted annually, leaving vulnerabilities undiscovered for extended periods.

Easy to Miss Vulnerabilities

Manual tests may miss critical misconfigurations in large networks, exposing potential weak points.

Relies on Tester Knowledge

The effectiveness of manual and automated testing depends on the tester’s knowledge and tool limitations.

Hard to Prioritize Actions

Sorting through numerous findings can lead to confusion about what to prioritize.

Not a Foolproof Solution

Scans alone may fail to chain vulnerabilities across machines, providing an incomplete picture.

Benefits of a Foresite Continuous Penetration Testing

Foresite’s Managed Autonomous Testing offers a realistic and thorough way to identify and address risks. Powered by NodeZero, our solution provides protection you can rely on.

Doesn’t require credentialed agents or custom scripting, ensuring safety in production environments.

Verifies the functionality of security tools, evaluates the effectiveness of your SIEM/SOC, and tests your incident response preparedness.

Discover vulnerabilities like misconfigurations, exposed credentials, and inadequate security practices often missed by traditional testing.

Identify rogue misconfigurations that could lead to critical breaches in large environments, often overlooked by manual testing.

Customer’s Rated Foresite Cybersecurity's ProVison Platform 4.9/5 Stars

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