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Managed Autonomous Cyber Testing

Our managed autonomous testing does not require credentialed agents or scripting and is safe to run in production environments.

Uncover, Address, and Validate Your Security Posture

In the ever-evolving landscape of cybersecurity threats, it’s not enough to merely conduct periodic security tests. You need a solution that continually finds, fixes, and verifies your exploitable attack surface. Foresite’s Managed Autonomous Testing, powered by NodeZero, offers a dynamic and comprehensive approach to address the core questions crucial to your organization’s security.

5 Critical Questions Cyber Testing Should Answer

The Limitations of Traditional Approaches

Not Continuous

It’s a point-in-time exercise, often conducted annually, leaving vulnerabilities undiscovered for extended periods.

Easy to Miss Vulnerabilities

Manual tests may miss critical misconfigurations in large networks, exposing potential weak points.

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Relies on Tester Knowledge

The effectiveness of manual and automated testing depends on the tester’s knowledge and tool limitations.

Hard to Prioritize Actions

Sorting through numerous findings can lead to confusion about what to prioritize.

Not a Foolproof Solution

Scans alone may fail to chain vulnerabilities across machines, providing an incomplete picture.

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Embrace Autonomous Testing for Comprehensive Risk Identification

Foresite’s Managed Autonomous Testing offers a realistic and thorough way to identify and address risks. Powered by NodeZero, our solution provides protection you can rely on.

Doesn’t require credentialed agents or custom scripting, ensuring safety in production environments.

Verifies the functionality of security tools, evaluates the effectiveness of your SIEM/SOC, and tests your incident response preparedness.

Discover vulnerabilities like misconfigurations, exposed credentials, and inadequate security practices often missed by traditional testing.

Identify rogue misconfigurations that could lead to critical breaches in large environments, often overlooked by manual testing.

Do You Face These Challenges? Foresite Can Help!

Proactive Managed Security Services

Information overload from noisy vulnerability scanners?

Shortage of trained security staff to identify and prioritize vulnerabilities?

Retesting challenges after remediation?

Budget constraints for manual testing?

Uncertainty about your network attack vectors from an attacker’s perspective?

Don’t leave your security to chance—empower your organization with Foresite’s Managed Autonomous Cyber Testing today!

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