Securing the future: Become a cyber-resilient school

Cyber threats are on the rise for educational organizations with more than 800 incidents in 2020 alone according to research by Verizon. Of the attacks surveyed, ransomware has been especially on the rise making up 80% of malware-related incidents with phishing campaigns also making up a large portion of cyberattacks on educational organizations. 

Foresite is an advanced security platform that provides cybersecurity solutions for education institutions with tools to help protect their networks and most vulnerable assets.

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Discover Foresite Cybersecurity solutions for education

Foresite Cybersecurity Solutions for Education

Don't be the next headline — protect your school from cyber attacks.

Get compliant and stay secure
  • Protect your school’s most vulnerable assets
  • Align to a framework to identify your cybersecurity gaps
  • Keep data safe while improving performance
  • Find security gaps so you can make a plan of action

Experience real-time security information
Foresite provides real-time situational awareness to help you better visualize complex network activity and stay on top of potential risks.

Get a plan together with Foresite
With vulnerability assessments, asset management visibility, and risk management, Foresite provides everything you need to make your cybersecurity plan complete.

Reduce cybersecurity risk for educational institutions without breaking the bank.

Bolster Security & Compliance for Educational Institutions

The U.S. government has allotted $1 billion in federal grant money to help state, local, tribal, and public educational organizations improve cybersecurity and implement risk management programs. 

Grant funding is available through 2025 and schools are required to develop a framework-based plan for achieving managed risk compliance. Foresite Cybersecurity offers concierge consulting and SaaS cybersecurity products to help streamline this process. 

Cybersecurity Resources for Education