Achieve regulatory compliance year after year

Healthcare regulations are constantly shifting. Cybersecurity might seem like a small subset of those regulations, but it still requires experienced specialists to achieve full compliance.

Many healthcare organizations still rely on old or outdated network infrastructures for their core operations. While these semi-ancient technologies work just fine to complete day to day tasks, they pose a liability to the integrity of the network’s security as a whole. In other words, older systems are more vulnerable to network attacks, exposing your patients’ sensitive ePHI data to hackers and thieves. Additionally, outdated systems can easily fail to meet HIPAA and PCI compliance standards.

Foresite can provide logging and monitoring services to keep your healthcare organization HIPAA and PCI compliant year after year, so you can focus on the needs of your patients. Furthermore, Foresite can secure your patients’ ePHI data and arm your devices and networks against cyber-security attacks. Keeping your IT systems working isn’t just about saving revenue; it’s about saving lives. Protect your patients. Protect your practice.

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