Security Assessments and Risk Reduction

Security Assessments

Understand the real impact of your threats and the business value of managing your risk.

Penetration tests and threat assessments are only the first steps to a strong risk management program. Foresite Cybersecurity assessment solutions help your business identify vulnerabilities, understand their impact, and provide tailored solutions to mitigate them. 

Penetration testing

Manual & autonomous internal & external penetration testing from white box to black box
Test your cyber defense capability and ensure business continuity before an attack occurs.
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SMS phishing

Always connected = always vulnerable. Test your resilience against SMS attacks
Employ commonly used tactics to manipulate consumers or your organization’s employees to test their cybersecurity awareness.
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Vulnerability scanning

Proactive defense by discovering vulnerabilities before attackers do
Scan your computer systems and networks for weaknesses to validate the effectiveness of your current security safeguards.
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Physical security testing

Discover if your physical spaces are putting your business at cyber risk
Test and review common methods of physically accessing your business spaces for improved security.
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Email phishing

Discover how your employees respond to email cybersecurity threats
Test employee knowledge and compliance with security procedures to uncover their response to social engineering exploits.
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Application testing

Prevent data breaches with comprehensive web & mobile app testing
Align your application security with OWASP Top-10 guidelines to identify common vulnerabilities.
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Detect threats before they happen

Attack simulations

Make sure your security tools are keeping your assets safe with ransomware, malware and AV Testing. 

Executive reporting & risk dashboard

Manage your cyber risk and make informed decisions on prioritizing mitigations. 

MITRE ATT&CK mapping

Get advanced attack simulations without the hefty price points of advanced penetration testers. Our solution offers rapid attack simulation results that align with MITRE ATT&CK methodologies so your business can have enterprise-level security outcomes on a mid-market budget.

Risk Assessment Benefits

Detect threats before they happen

Improve the security of your organization by reducing the risk of a data breach or other malicious attack. Foresite uses cutting-edge technology that provides automated vulnerability testing supported by a team of experts to help you mitigate risk.

Result-driven assessments and reports your C-Suite can get behind

Show your C-Suite a proactive approach to vulnerability management with automated reporting and Plans of Action to help prioritize and mitigate risks discovered during your assessments.

Guarantee cyber insurance coverage

Provide your cyber insurer with due diligence to help drive down premium costs. Ensure you are covered by demonstrating you understand your risks and have a prioritized plan to address them.

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