The Missing Pieces of Your MSP Practice

You have built a Managed Service Provider (MSP) practice and you provide IT support, cloud and back up services, and maybe even some testing and network monitoring for your customers.

What are you missing?

One piece that may be missing is “Detection“.  Without monitoring the customer’s networks and the Dark Web to look for indications of compromise, most attacks and data breaches go unnoticed until an outside party (the FBI, cyber investigators, local police, etc.) notifies the customer that evidence shows they are part of a cyber incident.

The piece that is almost always missing is “Response”. When an issue is detected either through monitoring or another source, what will your customer do? Their first step will likely be to call you and ask for help.  Do you have resources available 24/7/365 to take this call? Do you have trained incident responders who know how to collect forensic evidence in such a way that it can be used in litigation? Are you aware of what types of incidents need to be reported to the authorities or regulating bodies for data protection? What about when legal or public relations should be involved in an incident?

Don’t worry, we have you covered. Our ProVision Monitoring Solution includes both the tools to bring in logs from firewalls, network devices, key servers and endpoints (even when the manufacturers are all different) and correlate the data. Our Security Operations Center (SOC) team is skilled at knowing what to look for to validate potential threats, and not to overwhelm you or your customers with false positives.

Our Dark Web/Cyber Insurance solution not only scours the darkest corners of the web to look for compromised credentials, leaked data, but even checks for this information from your key vendors that could expose data belonging to the customer. When a potential incident is detected or if the customer reports an incident that wouldn’t be detected, such as a lost laptop with data, they have 24/7/365 access to cyber forensics, legal and public relations resources and coverage up to $250,000 to fund the investigation.

Think about it, do you want to take that customer call, scramble to find incident response help for them, and then tell them they have to come up with a MINIMUM of $10,000 just to talk to someone? Wouldn’t you rather be able to tell them not to worry, help is just a click away and with no deductible, no wait for funds to start investigation and remediation?


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