Network Security
Monitoring Services

Real-time network security monitoring
provides cyber threats with actionable threat intelligence.

Network security & cybersecurity monitoring

Expand your cybersecurity capabilities with 24/7 network security monitoring. Foresite Cybersecurity works as an extension of your team with real-time, high-fidelity cyber threat monitoring and network security. Skip the tedious task of sorting through your logs and gain peace of mind with our industry-leading ProVision open XDR and analyst-backed network security monitoring services.
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AI-powered, human audited

The ProVision open XDR platform provides industry leading SIEM and log analysis. Alerts and incidents are then escalated to our highly trained analyst team for review & action. 
24 hour clock

24x7x365 network security monitoring

In-depth network security monitoring services give you 24/7 coverage with real-time reporting, comprehensive ticketing, and transparent dashboards and reporting.  

Stop threats in their tracks

Active networking security monitoring and alerting is a proactive approach to cybersecurity allowing you to detect threats early and mitigate the effects of breaches and attacks.  

Extend your network security team

Our network security monitoring solutions make a great complement to your existing in-house security team or can provide you with 100% outsourced network monitoring solutions.
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Network security monitoring solutions

It’s not a question of if your company will be breached, but when. Foresite managed detection and response solutions are designed to reduce the likelihood of breaches and minimize the impact of attacks. 
Proactively keep track of what’s connected to your network for greater control and transparency allowing you to spot threats and anomalies earlier.
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Why is network security monitoring important?

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Cyber attackers thrive in unmonitored environments. A typical cyber security hacker can live in an organization’s IT environment undetected for more than 280 days. This gives them the time and freedom to explore all parts of your system, collect intel, and make a concerted plan of attack against your organizations.

>1 million to 1
Foresite Cybersecurity Network Security Monitoring reduces the noise for your in-house security team. In the last week alone, we’ve analyzed more than 1.3 million log alerts to find the 1 security event that needed further investigation.

Network monitoring vs network security monitoring services

All forms of cyber monitoring are designed to ensure proactive awareness of your environment, but not all types of monitoring and alerting are created equally. While network monitoring reports on metrics to report on slow or failing machinery, the practice of network security monitoring is specifically designed to detect and stop cyber threats.  
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