ProVision MSSP solution differentiators

With so many SIEM tools and MSSPs out there, we understand that it can be very difficult to know which will be the best fit for your environment.  Here are some key differentiators of our proprietary ProVision solution that our clients find most valuable:

  1. ProVision is not just a tool.  We have ProVision clients who started out investing in a SIEM tool, only to find that the true cost of the tool was much more than the quote for the licensing.  ProVision includes our Security Operations Center (SOC) team to onboard, support, and assist with tuning and response.
  2. We’re not your average MSSP.  We start with our proprietary tool set for log collection, correlation and business rules.  This means we don’t have white box labeling costs to be passed along to our clients, and it’s a much lower cost of entry.  Our pricing is device based – no added charges for events per second, alerts, tickets created or configuration change requests that can blow the budget. We also assign a Technical Account Manager to oversee the onboarding and maintain a relationship and communication with every client.  Our portal is fully transparent for clients (and Resellers when sold as “powered by” solution”.
  3. Having our own development team makes us agile and flexible when responding to client needs.  Need a custom report based on information we collect?  No problem, we’ll build it for you.  Have a ticketing system that you would like your MSSP solution to tie into?  We offer e-bonding and are also integrated with ConnectWise Manage.

The proof of the value our clients see is in the statistics.  We have never had to pay an SLA penalty.  We have an over 90% renewal rate when the initial ProVision term ends.  We close deals when prospective clients see our portal, visit our Security Operations Center, or speak to other clients about their experience.

Contact us if this sounds like the way you like to do business too.  Whether you are an end user or a Reseller, we can show you the benefits of ProVision.

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