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ProVision Platform

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Our proprietary ProVision platform helps businesses manage assets, generate reports, and leverage analytics that enable them to make smart business decisions.

Your business collects a lot of data, but is that data being used effectively to make the right decisions for your operations? In most cases, the answer is “no.” Most companies collect and store data, but fail to implement systems and processes that allow them to see security trends from an elevated view.

Powerful and flexible security management

ProVision, our proprietary cutting-edge management platform, puts you in the driver’s seat of your business data and security operations. It is designed to meet the most stringent of today’s industry standards, but provides ease of use and flexibility that is unmatched. ProVision allows your business to anticipate the demands of tomorrow and make business decisions that allow you to seize opportunities.

While some SIEM tools provide very proficient analysis engines but may not offer a full suite of capabilities, the ProVision infrastructure has many components for full Security Monitoring & Analysis, unifying all the toolsets into one, complete solution. There are no limits to size or volume of logs that can be forwarded to ProVision as it is a scalable infrastructure, built as a multi-tenant platform to accommodate multiple customers and technologies.  

Customize your security management environment

Business rules create the intelligent analysis of data within the environment. These come ready-made but can also be specifically written to accommodate your needs. Dashboards can also be customized for specific views or requirements and can include Logs, Events, Statistics, Threats, and other important data.

Many reports are available out of the box, plus we give you the ability to customize your reporting. Build reports that focus on compliance, service, data analysis, and many more business objectives.

Save time by focusing on important alerts

Large enterprises might deal with tens of thousands of security alerts daily, most of which turn out to be harmless. While it does pay to do your due diligence, assessing hundreds of unnecessary alerts is a real resource sink for your IT security team.

ProVision allows your security team to home in on potential threats by intelligently reducing the number of security alerts that your team must assess each day. The system identifies legitimate threats, weeding out false positives within your log streams to intelligently analyzes those threats of interest to be investigated by our team of security analysts, allowing your team to focus on core activities.

Cloud architecture

ProVision was designed to be extremely flexible, which is why it is built upon our robust cloud-based architecture. It’s the same system that we use for our own Managed Services Solutions!

ProVision provides unprecedented visibility of your logs and security efforts, giving you incomparable views into your security position and allowing you to:

  • Manage assets and system inventory
  • View and customize dashboards and reports
  • Leverage analytics to reveal business intelligence
  • Download reports
  • Review and search alerts
  • Open and manage tickets
  • Access the Foresite knowledge base

We work with companies to implement ProVision with their current IT security systems. If you want all of the power and flexibility of Foresite managed security services, with the ability to see a top-down analysis of your data security operations, ProVision can help your business gain an edge in your industry.

The Art and Science of Compliance

Whether your objective is to secure your enterprise, achieve compliance, or both, success may even seem impossible at times. Download our free whitepaper, The Art and Science of Compliance to learn how to keep your organization within regulation.


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