Cybersecurity as a Service (CSaaS)

Cybersecurity is crucial for any business. There are normally two ways to fill the need for cybersecurity. One is to manage everything in-house where an IT department implements cybersecurity solutions that work to protect your hardware, communications, and data. When done correctly, this type of security is powerful, and you have complete control over every facet of it.

The other option is to outsource cybersecurity. The idea behind cybersecurity as a service (CSaaS) is that you don’t necessarily have to outsource all of your IT to have a cyber partner. The services are streamlined and focused, so the third party can handle a specific part of your operations without interfering with everyone else. Your existing IT can handle things like software updates and help desk support while your CSaaS team takes care of the more serious security issues.


There is no question that providing cybersecurity services is difficult. For small and medium businesses (SMBs), it’s a lot to manage an in-house security posture team that can keep up with the rapidly evolving changes in this space. You want the same level of cyber solutions that you could find at massive tech companies like Google or Apple, but you might fear it’s too expensive. Cybersecurity services are the means of getting the protection you need at a rate that is affordable. You can have a fast and powerful Incident Response team that doesn’t cripple your financial situation.


Cybersecurity has to work seamlessly with your IT. There is no way around it. Your options are to obtain IT and cyber services from the same place or find a way to marry different working groups. Foresite can handle either approach. By taking on the entire IT workload, we can easily coordinate cyber solutions with the rest of your IT needs.

If you already have general IT resources, we can collaborate with them to ensure that you are following best practices and have a robust, layered defense.


When it comes to CSaaS, you need a clear idea of how the service can actually serve your needs and interests. The solutions provided by Foresite are numerous and vigorous, but there are three in particular that are worth noting. Since data breaches tend to be the most devastating cyber failure for SMBs, knowing how to protect against them is vital to your long-term planning.

These three solutions (Insurance, Incident Response, and Monitoring) are all geared towards handling the risk of a data breach. They do more than serve this niche of operations, but it is important to understand the most essential functions they offer.

Cybersecurity Insurance

Data breaches are a terrifying reality in every industry. It is impossible to run a modern business without handling at least some level of sensitive data. If you lose control of that data, you are liable. While it is paramount to secure your systems as much as possible, data breaches almost feel inevitable these days. One of the best defenses against inevitability is insurance.

Cyber insurance protects you from liability issues related to cyber issues. It can protect you from compliance issues, cover ransomware — which wreaks havoc on small to medium businesses — and it can help you with damages ensued through phishing emails and robocalls. Most importantly, it will cover losses you can incur through a data breach.


Dark Web Monitoring

For many businesses, the real problems and threats will not be found on the world wide web. Instead, they lurk in the dark web. Dark Web Monitoring specifically looks for indications that your business is under threat or attack. Such attacks could be devastating and require a rapid Incident Response.

Dark Web Monitoring looks for records of hacked credentials to make sure vital information (such as passwords or account numbers) isn’t available to unscrupulous bidders. It looks into third-party vendor breaches to ensure another company hasn’t put you at risk. It involves API and platform connections that work through trigger prevention, and it integrates risk mitigation and Incident Response into your IT infrastructure.


Breach Response

A data breach is a distressing event you never want to experience. Like most disasters, preparation is the key to mitigating damage. With an Incident Response solution, you will have a system in place in the event that a breach occurs or is detected. The Incident Response solution will help you craft a detailed plan and disseminate that information to employees. No matter how or when the breach is discovered, you will be ready to act accordingly.

Incident Response actions include securing sensitive information, tracking the extent of the breach and preparing for potential fallout. With the plan in place, you can rapidly stop the problem from spreading and start working to protect those affected by any negative outcomes. Heading off damage in this way can minimize liability and loss of trust.




Cyber Security as a Service

Ultimately, Managed Security Services are like any other managed service. It’s about finding a provider who has what you need and can operate within your resource allocation. Explore the options of our Managed Security Services to find the best total fit and solution for your IT needs.

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