New study makes a case for cyber security-as-a-service

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A Forrester study recently showed that over the course of three years, an organization would likely save over $1M by outsourcing their cyber security.  While this number may be higher than what your organization could save, here are the assumptions it was based on for comparison:

  • 12 locations worldwide
  • 2 data centers (1 EU and 1 US)
  • 2 client-facing web applications
  • Minimal internal IT with many support functions outsourced
  • Data includes proprietary intellectual property as well as confidential client information

The top cyber security challenges are fairly universal:

  1. Keeping pace with evolving threats due to difficulty hiring and retaining skilled security analysts
  2. 24/7 global monitoring requirement (SOX and PCI)
  3. Insufficient staff to monitor and review millions of log files produced by servers, firewalls, and other network hardware

The full report (commissioned by Alert Logic) shows all the details, but the bottom line is the cost-savings from not maintaining a full-time cyber security team (hiring, salaries, training and benefits) and the ability to leverage tools owned by the managed security firm (such as the log aggregation and threat database intelligence provided by a managed security-as-a-service solution) showed that most organizations are better served and will see savings by outsourcing cyber security.

Click to request  cost-comparison for outsourcing your cybersecurity

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