Manufacturer’s Cyber Risk Is Increasing

Manufacturers have been a lower risk than businesses in health and financial sectors when it comes to cyber attacks, but that is changing due to the  ‘Industrial Internet of Things’.

With more devices being interconnected and connected to the internet, you are exposed to new levels of cyber risk.  Many of these devices were not designed to face cyber attacks, such as:

1) Operational downtime: Cyber attackers disable production.

2) Product manipulation:  Attackers can program in errors that could change the way a product is produced to cause faulty products and recalls.

3) Information theft:  Just two weeks ago, a US corporation accused the Chinese of stealing sensitive and proprietary manufacturing production methods, allowing the Chinese to copy proprietary material that this company is producing. For secrets that include formulas, like Coca-Cola’s secret recipe, it would have huge consequences on their financial and competitive advantage.

Have you reviewed your cybersecurity to understand your level of risk?  Even if you have IT resources, they are not always experienced in risk rating and remediation.  We can help.

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