Cyber Security Trends

Cyber security trends introduced to the market in 2013 are continuing into 2015  – along with new trends that are beginning to surface.  These security concerns demand our attention now more than ever as the risks are greater and the stakes are higher.  Where does your organization stand in regards to addressing some of these major trends?

Cyber security is part of the new IT Landscape: Organizations are facing cyber risks that are unprecedented in both sophistication and persistence. Technology is sprawling and increasing in complexity. Will your business’s security position hold up to the rigorous challenges ahead? It’s impossible to say without assessing and testing your systems and controls.

Introducing the elephant in the room: Mobile Attacks:  With the burst in popularity of tablets and the ever-present smartphone, mobile attacks grew to a level resembling that of PC attacks in 2013, and are likely to exceed PC attacks in 2015. Most mobile devices have only native security, and those security features are often disabled by default.

Phishing and SPAM and Phishing and SPAM: At this point, we have all unfortunately adapted to the level of SPAM and other unwanted emails and messages we have to marathon through on a daily basis. 2015 is poised for the growth of SPAM, phishing attacks, and other message-based social engineering exploits. The rate of new Internet users is increasing faster than ever before. The use of mobile devices to interact with the Internet is also increasing at a phenomenal rate.

Getting over the barrier to the insecure cloud: Most cloud services and product providers are actively seeking to provide customers with security. However, like many other online and local only products and services, something will be overlooked and hackers will find a way to exploit it. Providing large-scale cloud products and services is a very complicated and often delicate endeavor. As cloud offerings become more adopted, they will become a greater target for hackers.  Ensuring you have the right security strategy for your journey to the cloud is critical.

Social Engineering: There will continue to be an increase in the level, complexity, and intensity of social engineering attacks in 2015. Whether it is malicious intent or lack of security awareness, employees are often the source of security breaches. Foresite can help you identify your organization’s level of vulnerability.

We have priorities to prepare for in 2015.  Attacks don’t get worse, they get better and we most certainly have some challenging times ahead of us.  Fortunately, your Foresite security experts are working diligently to offer hope and protection.


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