Case Study: Customized MSSP solution

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CASE STUDY:  A technology services provider in the financial sector had been using another MSSP to add security monitoring to the services they offer their clients, but they were having some struggles.  Since many MSSPs rebrand the SIEM tools they use, they don’t have the ability to customize them to meet their client’s needs, and scalability of the solution is often difficult.  Enter Foresite.

We worked with the provider to understand their requirements, including a global view of their client’s portals for their team and individual portals for each client to have their own access.  Full visibility to alerts, associated logs, traffic patterns, and tickets for both the provider and their clients.  Our fixed cost device-based billing makes it very easy to calculate the cost to each account while taking advantage of global volume discounting.

Scalability and flexibility are no issue with ProVision.  We can add new client accounts in real time and are able to grow with the provider by spinning up additional resources in our secure cloud as needed.

Nothing makes us happier than showing a client how we can meet their MSSP objectives by working with them, listening, and staying just as engaged after the deal is signed.  Is your MSSP everything you wish they could be?  See what’s possible with Foresite.

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