Healthcare Vendor Management

Healthcare Vendor Management Services

Data protection is extremely important when working in healthcare.

Why work with us?

  • Foresite can provide a process that can protect you from risks that you may not foresee. 
  • Foresite will help you decide if a partner is right for you, and detailed audits of security systems and practices will identify potential threats.
  • Foresite will protect you by providing four distinct and time-sensitive solutions.  
  • Foresite a total action plan which would lead you to better security and healthcare data protection.

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Our Services

Easy Patch Management as a Service

Foresites patch management service eliminates the common struggle companies face to keep their systems up to date.

Identify Missing Patches

We find connected systems and scan for missing patches throughout the enterprise, to help your organization.


Customized Reporting Views

Flexible Delivery with or without an Agent

Agentless or agent patch deployments.

Bridge the Gap Between Security and IT Ops

Automated patch process management, from discovery to assessment to delivery of updates.

Patch Linux, Unix and Mac

Simplify how you patch your heterogeneous environment!

Patch Windows

Patch physical and virtual Windows servers, Windows workstations and 3rd-party apps.

Patch for Endpoint Manager

Secure and manage assets from a single console with this end point manager value add.

Is Your Data Protected From Legitimate Threats

Let us protect you from risks that you may not foresee.

Health Care Vendor Management Solutions

Risk Assessments

It is important to take certain precautions with third-party interactions, especially with regards to healthcare.

Risk Assessment Reviews
A risk assessment review help suppliers to see how well they manage security issues in general. The process will give you an understanding of what risks you may be taking.

Equitable Solution
Risk assessment can deal with both parties to find an equitable solution that keeps security tight and business on track. This would ultimately save you time by allowing you to preserve a working partnership.

Healthcare Vendor Management
Health Care Vendor Management Solutions

Security Assessments

A security assessment is a more detailed approach than a risk assessment.

In Depth
A security assessment digs into the nuts and bolts of the healthcare vendor’s security strategy. This process sits at the heart of vendor management. It takes more time and effort, but it is essential to VMS.

Seeing how the vendor manages healthcare data enables us to give them a score and offer actionable plans that could improve their security. This way, you don’t have to skirt a vendor that would otherwise be perfect.

OCIE Cybersecurity Initiatives Reviews

The security assessment looks at their security practices. An OCIE cybersecurity initiative review is even more specific.

In Depth Reviews
We’ll compare their operation to OCIE cybersecurity initiatives. This holds the healthcare vendors’ real practices up to a federal standard. 

Inspection response initiative plans and provide feedback for the third party to ensure that they are properly handling communication and healthcare data. The OCIE reviews create a standard that we use to score and assist potential partners before you make a commitment

Health Care Vendor Management Solutions
Health Care Vendor Management Solutions

NIST SP800 Guideline Assessment

NIST SP800 is a set of federal requirements that apply to security standards for federal information systems. In the healthcare space, this will specifically involve HIPAA.

Assessment Process
Rather than simply score a company and move on, we will share our findings with the party in question. That enables you to improve the working relationship with a healthcare partner, as opposed to having to replace a valued supplier

Full Assessment
You would not only become equipped to decide which providers you like; you would be getting a total action plan which would lead you to better security and healthcare data protection.