Network Security Assessment

Get a real-world view of your vulnerabilities with a 3rd party network security assessment and audit.

Network Security Assessment & Audit Solutions

As technology needs continue to increase, so do potential vulnerabilities for critical business systems. Network security assessments and audits help identify unknown vulnerabilities that have gone undetected or underestimated and provide advice and guidance to secure your organization.

Proactive network defense

You can’t protect what you can’t see. Our network security assessment and audit solutions are designed to bring visibility to your entire network, allowing you to develop informed and strategic defense measures. 
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Secure your remote workforce

Traditional network security won’t cut it for today’s hybrid and remote workforce. You need a solution that offers transparency into what’s happening to your network no matter where your employees are logging on.  

Meet compliance requirements

Many industry and regulatory compliance frameworks require network security testing to ensure your organization is doing its duty to protect  systems and ensure your data doesn’t end up in the wrong hands.  

Network security audits & assessments

Our professional security testers can help you safely find the gaps in your network security and recommend the best ways to keep you secure.

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Comprehensive network security assessments

Hiring a network security assessment company gives you an unbiased, third-party view of your current security landscape and can help you create a comprehensive, proactive cybersecurity plan.
We detect and identify the same vulnerabilities in your business a hacker could exploit and provide guidance on how to safeguard your organization.

See what vulnerabilities lay in your web-based systems and mitigate them before attackers can strike. Get more details on the types of vulnerabilities faced by web apps by checking out our OWASP

Get a 360-degree look at your organization’s security posture and get expert advice on how to improve your security policies. 
Get an analysis of third-party relationship risk and recommendations for improving practices while maintaining beneficial business relationships.
The human element is often the weakest link in any security system. Determine your organization’s readiness for all types of social engineering attacks. 
More than 90% of breaches start with a phishing email where unsuspecting employees click on a link or open an attachment that compromises your data and systems.
Get the right type of audit for your business from computer network security audits and network design security audits to network port security and network security logging audits.
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Find your network security vulnerabilities before attackers do

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Don’t wait until it’s too late to take your cybersecurity seriously. Our network security assessment and audit solutions are how savvy organizations find and remediate vulnerabilities in their data security systems so small issues don’t become big problems.  

Foresite Cybersecurity designs security assessment solutions that fit your organization’s needs and budget helping you to get the peace-of-mind of enterprise-level security on a mid-size organization budget. 

Which network security assessment is right for you?

Foresite Cybersecurity offers a variety of network security assessments and audits to help organizations in all stages of cybersecurity and compliance maturity get the information they need to make smart security decisions.  

View our guide to discover which assessment and/or audit is right for you. 
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