Network Security Assessment & Audit Services

A 3rd party network security assessment will provide a real-world view of your vulnerabilities.

Network Security Assessment. Advice. Direction.

Identify Weaknesses with  Network Security Assessments

Why work with us

  • As technology needs continue to increase, so do potential vulnerabilities for critical business systems.
  • Identify unknown vulnerabilities in critical business systems that have gone undetected or underestimated.
  • Security testing isn’t just a good business practice — it’s required by industry and regulatory frameworks.
  • As your network security audit company, Foresite will help you prevent small issues from becoming a crisis.

Our team of experts will analyze every aspect of your business and recommend changes that help your company protect itself against potential cyber threats.

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Vulnerability and Penetration Testing

We identify the same vulnerabilities in your business a hacker could exploit and provide direction on how to safeguard your business.

Web Application Testing

Identify and mitigate unknown risks in your web-based systems

Enterprise Security Risk Assessment

We look at your whole organization to evaluate your security posture and deliver expert advice on how to improve your security policies.

Third-party and Business Associate Risk Assessments

Analysis of third-party relationship risk and recommendations for improving practices while maintaining beneficial business relationships.

Social Engineering Assessments

The human element is usually the weakest link in any security system. Determine your organization's readiness for this type of attack.

Network Security Audits

Computer network security audit. Network design security audit. Network port security audit. Network security logging audit.

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Don’t wait until it’s too late

We help businesses locate and remediate vulnerabilities in their data security systems so small issues don’t become big ones.

Network Security Audit
A network security audit by an outside service provider simulates a real life attack.

Experience Matters
Foresite is recognized as a leader among network security audit companies.

Network Security Assessment Solutions

Foresite’s testing and assessment services help organizations identify unknown vulnerabilities in their critical business systems that may have gone undetected, underestimated, or overlooked. 

Good Practice
Security testing isn’t just a good business practice — it’s a mission critical component of a sound security approach.

Case Studies

Compromise Assessment

A retail chain was aware that they had experienced a few minor cybersecurity incidents and wanted to be sure that
they had fully remediated.

Financial Services

A national brokerage firm came to us for an outside review of their information security, after growing concern over the almost daily reports of cyber breaches within the financial sector.

Finance Sector

One of Foresite’s Resellers introduced us to a technology provider-client who had an issue. Due to the nature of the services they provide for hundreds of hedge funds, they needed a solution to monitor for cyber threats.

Cloud Security

A commercial business that manufactures and sells home furnishing contacted Foresite with concerns around their cloud security.