Ransomware Risk Assessment

Ransomware attacks are spreading and ransom demands are growing.  22 cities across Texas were recently held hostage for millions after their networks were infiltrated and data was encrypted, and that’s just the latest in a string of cities and businesses being assaulted and either paying up or being put into chaos.  Small businesses like this Battle Creek doctor’s office may be forced to close up shop.

Regis University is still offline after hackers were able to encrypt their data and demand $2 million in ransom to release it.  This attack is very similar to those that recently struck Monroe College in New York and Cape Cod Community College in Massachusetts.



Respond to cyber threats before they impact your business


Attacks are so widespread that the FBI has issued a bulletin urging victims not to pay ransom to cyber criminals.

We’ve put together a quick white page on the dangers of ransomware and how to detect and protect your business. Organizations understand their risk level and take some immediate action to address it.  Please feel free to use and share this resource to help clients and prospects evaluate where they stand so together we can help implement layered security to further minimize cyber exposure.



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