Press Release – Foresite Joins National IT Solutions Coalition “StabilITy Alliance”      

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Foresite, a national leader in threat mitigation and managed security, has joined the StabilITy Alliance of companies to provide its suite of IT protection services to the coalition’s customers.  They will partner with VertitechIT, a healthcare and business networking and IT consultancy, Microsoft platform provider Software Logic, and unified communications expert Partner Consulting in expanding alliance offerings across the country.

“There is no question that securing IT networks is one of the most critical challenges facing our collective healthcare and enterprise clients in the years ahead,” said Alliance member and VertitechIT CEO Michael Feld.  “Having the national resources of Foresite to offer our clients is a win-win for everyone.”  StabilITy Alliance companies can now market site assessment and infrastructure design, security and compliance, network monitoring implementation, and telecom management services under a single entity, while retaining their corporate independence.

“It’s no coincidence that the letters IT are the foundation of the word stability,” commented Foresite Vice President for Consulting Services Jason LeDuc.  “The StabilITy Alliance is truly a coalition of like minded, complementary companies with a shared vision.  Our focus on cyber-security and compliance fits perfectly into the Alliance’s product matrix.”

Headquartered in Overland Park, Kansas with offices in Connecticut and the United Kingdom, Foresite delivers a range of threat mitigation and managed security services.  Software Logic, based in central Pennsylvania, is a certified Microsoft Gold Partner and is recognized nationally for its expertise in cloud technologies and the ability to customize MS System Center to maximize a company’s Microsoft investment.  Headquartered in Connecticut, Partner Consulting implements unified communications platforms with emphasis on IP telephony, contact center, and telecommunications expense management.  VertitechIT, with offices in western Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Ohio, provides high-level strategic counsel and sophisticated tactical support to healthcare institutions across the country, while serving select Fortune 1000 companies in the enterprise sector.

About the StabilITy Alliance:  Maintaining stability amid rapid advances in technology can be daunting, but not impossible.  The StabilITy Alliance is focused on creating stable and sustainable IT and communications platforms that meet business challenges today, and tomorrow. For more information, please visit or contact Steve Shaw at 413-268-1630 or via email at [email protected].  StabilITy Alliance.  Foundation for Change.

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