Podcast: Take the fear out of Security and Compliance certifications with a company that puts the customer first

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Tracy Fox, Director of Partner Enablement at Foresite, outlines their service provider offerings to Don Witt of The Channel Daily News, a TR publication. The services include Managed Security and Compliance Services for enterprise via the Reseller Channel.

Recently selected by the venture capital group called Elsewhere Partners based on:

  • Exception software
  • Customer centric
  • Established success

Tracy Fox

It is all about the reseller and clients experience – Foresite developed the ProVision dashboard, which is a visual way for the reseller or client to identify where they stand in regard to testing, breaches, upgrades and more.

Foresite follows a very structured procedure for their channel activity.  It is in place to safeguard the channel for distribution and the resellers so they can feel comfortable discussing and bringing on their best customers forward to use Foresite technology.

Foresite is a global service provider, delivering a range of managed security and consulting solutions designed to help their clients meet their information security and compliance objectives. In the face of increasingly persistent cyber-threats, Foresite’s solutions empower organizations with vigilance and expertise to proactively identify, respond to, and remediate cyber-attacks and breaches where they occur.

Their team of industry veterans work as an extension of their clients’ staff, providing peace of mind while securing their most important assets.

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