Personalize and Simplify Cybersecurity with Foresite

From our Partner, SaaSMAX:

“Personalize and Simplify Cybersecurity with Foresite”
“It’s Time to Change the Way Clients View Cybersecurity”

Cyber-attacks are becoming incredibly common and the demand for excellent cybersecurity and compliance measures is rising. For most businesses, updating and managing IT security in-house can be daunting. Even if businesses choose to outsource, they may have trouble finding a solution for their specific needs. Nobody wants to be a small fish in an enormous pond.

Foresite works with resellers to help deliver a precise solution to clients that fit their businesses. Resellers can offer Foresite’s ProVision MSSP solution to any sized client whether they need a single firewall or a larger network. Clients will have constant access to a team of experienced consultants that can monitor, identify and stop threats in their tracks. ProVision also makes it easy to scale and provide more resources when a client’s business grows.

SaaSMAX partners can take advantage of great discounts off Foresite’s wholesale model: 20% off for cyber testing and compliance consulting as well as 30% off for their (Provision?) MSSP solution.

Foresite is changing the way MSSP solutions are offered. Interested? Check out their Marketplace profile or contact your SaaS Channel Strategist for more info.


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