July 2022 Updates to ProVision and FIRM

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July 2022 updates give customers faster insight into current risk and security maturity scores.

Foresite Cybersecurity has announced new updates have been released on the ProVision and Foresite Integrate Risk Management (FIRM) platforms. These updates will have the biggest impact for customers who are subscribed to both the ProVision and FIRM platforms. 

Key Takeaway: Improved visibility & faster, easier access

New platform updates improve visibility to track and measure your risk with actionable insights to help speed up threat mitigation. 

July 2022 Update Highlights

ProVision open tickets visible in FIRM

Easily view open ProVision event tickets in the FIRM dashboard. 

FIRM consultant laptop

Risk score updates due to event tickets

FIRM will now consider the number and severity, along with asset criticality and vulnerability information (where available), of open ProVision event tickets when calculating current risk score.

provision with firm scores

View risk & maturity scores in the ProVision dashboard

Current risk and security maturity score are now visible right in the ProVision dashboard for quick viewing ease. 


FIRM UI now available for tablets

Use the entire FIRM platform with more flexibility thanks to the new update that allows for enhanced user experience when accessing FIRM from an iPad or other tablet device. 

Tristin Zeman

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