How do we begin to control the impact of potential Security threats and vulnerabilities?

There are relevant changes our businesses are asking us in IT to make in order to keep up and compete in today’s market.  In short, we are all being asked to do more, do it faster, and do it with less resources and funding.

A major blind spot for most of us is the breakage that is happening in our ability to control and monitor sensitive data traversing through our enterprises.  We must be able to keep up and be prepared to support our businesses innovative objectives while at the same adhere to compliance mandates and ensure a secure environment.

We can start with understanding our log data and what it is telling us.   Most of us have invested in a variety of technologies, such as network firewalls, IPS/IDS, VPNs, routers and switches to detect events. Every one of these security appliance, business-critical systems, and even noncritical servers in our organizations generates extensive amounts of logs daily and includes critical information we need to protect ourselves.

Whether we are mandated to do so or we are seeking security assurance and peace of mind , these raw logs, once correlated and analyzed, can help us filter out false positives in order to identify real security events of concern.  This starts to prepare us to be audit ready and gives us the visibility we need to take action.

Successfully implementing log monitoring requires dedicated, skilled resources around the clock to review and interpret all the logs and alerts in all the different formats generated by our infrastructures that most of us simply just don’t have.

By off-loading log monitoring successfully to an expert we can start having the ability to collect, correlate and analyze logs and alerts across technology and critical information asset, 24×7, to identify anomalies and respond to threats in real time.

Remember every alert we get is something important and needs to be addressed, we can offload this to experts and get away from “everything being an emergency” situation.

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