Growing Revenue with Foresite

We are very excited about 2019 as our Reseller Channel continues to grow. We know that in addition to wanting to solve cybersecurity and compliance problems for your clients, you also partnered (or are considering partnering) with Foresite to grow revenue.


Here are the top 5 ways that our Resellers have been able to build pipeline:

  1. Show ProVision MSSP as an add-on when you quote firewalls. This is one of the easiest ways to get new recurring revenue that you will ever have.  Most clients have some type of compliance requirement or are following best practices of a known cybersecurity framework – all of which will require monitoring to detect and respond to threats.  By letting Foresite know when you are quoting a firewall, we can show the option to add this service (without slowing down your quote turnaround time).
  2. Ask Clients and Prospects who have MSSP in place to look at a competitive ProVision MSSP quote.  They may not be looking to make a change, but we win a lot of business away from other MSSPs with our firewall co-management option, our fixed cost pricing, and the level of communication and transparency we provide.  You never know unless you ask!
  3. Bring up SIEM to your larger prospects.  Many are looking at them and quickly come to realize the total cost is far greater than the tool itself.  Others have tried to implement SIEM tools, but are overwhelmed by the monitoring, tuning, and flood of alerts. ProVision is an excellent option, and you will be solving a problem for those who have ruled out SIEM, but don’t want the typical MSSP.  We give them the best of both worlds.
  4. Think of cyber testing in a new way.  Yes, it’s better to do an annual penetration test than nothing at all, but real value can be found in an ongoing look at aspects of both their cyber posture and their risks, and we can put together specific plans for even smaller clients to do this without breaking the bank.
  5. Recommend alignment to a cyber framework. Frameworks are not just for large organizations or those under compliance requirements.  A cyber framework helps your clients to see where they may have gaps in their protections and can even help provide some ROI by lowering insurance costs, winning them new clients (or retaining current ones) and preventing incidents that cause the bottom line to take a hit.

For our current Partners, download our Reseller Guide for more tips on prospecting and questions to uncover opportunities.  If you are still considering a partnership with Foresite, there’s never been a better time to join us!

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