Foresite Cybersecurity Announces Pivot to Open XDR and Compliance Platform

New vendor-agnostic solution will simplify cybersecurity and compliance for mid-size companies

OVERLAND PARK, Kans., JUNE 1, 2022 Foresite Cybersecurity, an industry leader in cybersecurity and compliance, announced today it is shifting direction from tech-enabled services to a product-led Open XDR SaaS platform. The platform will offer a unique advantage for mid-market organizations to combine security data from a variety of sources into a singular location to gain a complete picture of their security and policy compliance maturity.  

Our strategy is to provide our customers with an open, extensible platform to enable them to understand their risk and compliance posture,” said Matt Gyde, Chairman and CEO of Foresite Cybersecurity. “The ProVision Open XDR platform will deliver on the single vision of our customers security posture, allowing not only discovery, response, and remediation, but also providing real-time risk and maturity scores.” 

For years, mid-market companies have struggled to achieve good cybersecurity due to a lack of in-house expertise or budget, with many not knowing where to begin. The increasing shift to remote work has only made this more difficult.  

“The market demanded an easier, more simplified model to be protected from cyberattacks and compliant to support business supply chain requirements,” said Duane Shugars, Foresite Cybersecurity Chief Technology Officer. “We are developing our Open XDR platform to easily absorb all log data, use advanced data science techniques, proprietary machine learning and natural language models, and supply chain illumination to simplify cybersecurity, maturity and compliance.” 

ProVision Open XDR, scheduled to be released in Q3 2022, is a cloud-native platform designed to use machine learning to provide visibility across the entire IT landscape. The vendor-agnostic platform supports any cybersecurity tool in the customer’s ecosystem including firewalls, EDR, NDR, and many more to track incidents leading to faster mitigation and less business loss in the event of an attack.  

What makes ProVision Open XDR unique:  

        • 400+ supported data sets and no data limits 
        • No added development time to deploy 
        • Advanced analytics aligned to MITRE ATT&CK methodologies 
        • Real-time, transparent reporting 
        • Simplified pricing 
        • Integrated risk and compliance software to automatically align policies, practices, and technologies to continuously track risk and security maturity against 260+ compliance standards 

In addition to the clarity and insight provided by the ProVision Open XDR platform, Foresite Cybersecurity allows customers to view a quantifiable risk score with Foresite Integrated Risk Management (FIRM). FIRM uses machine learning and artificial intelligence to score technologies and policies, along with the practice data provided by ProVision, to give customers real-time insight on their security gaps. The platform then creates a plan of action and milestones allowing businesses with limited IT and security resources to prioritize the most pressing, high-impact needs.  

“Under the ProVision Open XDR platform, combined with FIRM, customers will have a complete and simplified picture around their risk profile, active threats, and compliance maturity to know, at any time, where they need to focus their limited resources,” says Scott Dally, Vice President, Product Management at Foresite Cybersecurity.  

To learn more about the ProVision Open XDR platform, FIRM, and the newest platform capabilities, request a demo or visit 


About Foresite Cybersecurity 

Foresite Cybersecurity is an innovation-led cybersecurity as a service company offering an Open XDR security platform with best-in-class automated compliance software and concierge consulting to help organizations to reach and maintain their security and compliance goals. 


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Marcela Denniston , SVP, Marketing 

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