Cloud Computing- Moving data to cloud does not transfer liability to protect it

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It’s a common misconception that by moving to the cloud or relying on a third-party cloud service provider to process and store data that the full responsibility to protect it falls in the vendor.  Not so! The data is still your data and your potential liability.

It is critical to perform due diligence when selecting cloud vendors and/or applications, and due care when moving into the cloud.

Foresite provides consulting services to help vet out vendors and solutions, confirm proper configuration and insure that you are following cyber security best practices.  If your data is protected by compliance, we can confirm that your solution is meeting the applicable compliance requirements.

Our services include:

  • Ongoing vulnerability management
  • Deployment consultation
  • 3rd party cloud vendor evaluation
  • Development of cloud policies/procedures
  • Planning for move from physical to cloud
  • Remediation consulting

For more information on these services, please download our Cloud Services data sheet.

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