CASE STUDY – Limited staff and budget doesn’t have to compromise cybersecurity

These days you would be hard-pressed to find any organization who felt they had adequate staff and financial resources to stand up to the constant barrage of cyber threats.  The education sector has been especially hard hit due to their reliance on public funding.

A K-12 school system approached one of our Resellers with several concerns.  With only a handful of IT staff, they couldn’t monitor their network for threats 24/7 and keep up with day-to-day support requests and implementation projects.  They were also finding it challenging to stay on top of change requests on the district’s firewalls.

Investing in a SIEM tool had been considered, but the upfront cost of the tool/appliance along with configuration and maintenance costs, plus training staff to be able to work with a new tool were prohibitive.

Luckily for them, the vendor they rely on for cyber security solutions is very familiar with Foresite, and was able to make the introduction so we could confirm that our ProVision solution fit the school’s requirements. Because ProVision incorporates both use of our proprietary tool for log collection, correlation, threat analysis, ticketing and change control and our Security Operations Center (SOC) team of analysts, cyber security consultants, compliance auditors and incident responders, the school can access the expertise they need without the full-time expense.

Our pricing model was also a great fit.  Unlike many others in the Managed Security space, we do not require the purchase of a proprietary appliance or costly software – clients simply pay a one-time fee for a license for each location and can supply a virtual machine to run the log collector(s).  ProVision is priced by device, not by usage or per incident/change request, so the district has a predictable spend that will not change month to month or even year to year during the full term of the agreement. Ongoing tuning is part of the service, avoiding becoming a burden on the school’s staff or needing to budget for an outside vendor to make sure the solution configuration is adapted to rule out false positives and add new rules as threats evolve.

Download the case study for more details on how ProVision was able to address the client’s business challenges.

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