Are You Trying to Fight Latest Cyber Threats with Old Technology?

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Findings revealed at this week’s RSA Conference point out a very interesting fact about cyber security – half of the organizations surveyed are using network access controls that are over three years old to fight against ever-evolving cyber threats:

Are you in this majority, or worse, part of the 20% relying on technology that is 5-10 years old or the 11% with the same technology in place for more than a decade?  Consider that 91% use VPNs as the main form of controlling network access and that technology is almost 20 years old at this point!

Firewall rules that are not often reviewed to make sure there is still a valid business case for access are also heavily in play.  52% of organizations have not reviewed them in more than a year.

Food for thought as you put together budget requests for the next cycle.

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