Active Directory Security Assessment

Safeguard Your Network Foundation: Active Directory Cybersecurity Review

Don't wait for a breach to expose the vulnerabilities in your Active Directory

Ensure the Security of Your Windows Network's Core

Active Directory (AD) is the central nervous system of your Windows network. It stores critical information about users, computers, groups, and permissions, controlling access to all your network resources. A compromised AD can lead to disastrous consequences, including data breaches, ransomware attacks, and complete loss of control over your network.

Why is a Secure Active Directory Critical?

Single Point of Failure

AD is the backbone of your network. If compromised, attackers gain access to everything.

Elevated Privileges

AD stores credentials with potentially high levels of access. If compromised, attackers can move laterally and wreak havoc.

Compliance Requirements

Many regulations mandate strong AD security controls. A compromised AD can lead to compliance violations and hefty fines.

Our Active Directory Cybersecurity Review Service

Foresite Cybersecurity offers a comprehensive Active Directory cybersecurity review service designed to identify vulnerabilities and improve your overall security posture. Our review includes:
In-Depth Analysis
We use advanced tools and techniques to analyze your AD configuration, identify misconfigurations, and detect potential security weaknesses.
Vulnerability Assessment
We assess your AD for known vulnerabilities, such as weak password policies, stale user accounts, and insecure access controls.
Permission Review
We review user and group permissions to ensure they are appropriate and least privileged.
Best Practice Assessment
We compare your AD configuration against cybersecurity best practices and recommend improvements.
Detailed Report
We provide a comprehensive report outlining our findings, recommendations for remediation, and a prioritized action plan.
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Our HIPAA Risk Assessment Services Include

Enhanced Security Posture

Identify and address vulnerabilities before they are exploited.
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Don't wait for a breach to expose the vulnerabilities in your Active Directory.

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