High level Risk Assessment Using NIST CSF

Answer each question in the VisionTrack Cyber Risk Calculator tab using the drop-down box that best describes your organizations security controls. When finished you will get a total score, and an overall risk as well specific risk for each category.
VisionTrack Calculator
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Identify Risk Assessment

Please select which type(s) of sensitive or protected data your organization collects, transmits, uses, or stores.

Left 2-3rds

This includes name, social security #, email, home address, date of birth, etc.
Data that would adversely affect the organization if made public; i.e. financials/tax filings, salary information, pricing models, marketing plans, customer list, proprietary formulas or product information
Payment card information used to process MC/VISA/AMEX/Discover
Health data or medical records
Confidential Unclassified Information from Federal government or contractors

Is your network setup in such a way that your critical systems are zoned, or segmented from your employees or general population of users?

Right 1-3rd

Identify Risk Ratings

High Risk
Low Risk

Your Proliferation Risk Level

SIEM – Security Monitoring Case Study

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