Foresite Security Response to COVID-19

Companies are under the constant threat of cyber attack! That truth is more important now that many employees are working remotely, while connecting to your secure networks. In light of these unique circumstances with COVID-19, Foresite is now offering the following services through their ProVision Managed Security Services Platform.

Free External Vulnerability Scan

Identify unknown vulnerabilities in critical business systems that may have resulted from changes or additions to your network.

Free Phishing Awareness Campaign for up to 250 users

End-users represent one of the easiest exploits for cyberattacks. Many employees not accustomed to working remotely will be receiving seemingly real email requests looking to exploit your business. These attacks can be the root cause of ransomware and other problems that can shut down your company.

Free Firewall Monitoring and Management for 30 days

Many businesses have had to make new firewall and VPN changes to accommodate remote workforces. We can help with firewall audits, rule reviews and changes while providing monitoring and management.

Free O365 Cybersecurity Monitoring for 30 days

Many businesses have adopted O365 as an important remote collaboration solution. Cybersecurity monitoring O365 can be a challenge for many businesses.  Foresite will monitor the security for your O365 deployment ensuring you are off to a safe start.

Free Vulnerability Patch Management Assessment

We can provide deep insight into critical missing patches, asset inventory, and software installed on your endpoints. This is of concern right now as many businesses deployed thousands of new mobile devices, many not configured to control security objectives appropriately or meet compliance standards.

Free Cybersecurity Advice

If you have questions about cybersecurity or compliance best practices, we want to help.  Simply reach out to us at [email protected].

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