Security Testing & Assessments

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Don’t wait until it’s too late. We help businesses locate and patch vulnerabilities in their data security systems so small issues don’t become big ones.

Companies are under the constant threat of cyber attack. These attacks continue to evolve in both sophistication and persistence. As the technology needs of businesses continue to increase, so do the potential vulnerabilities and entry points into critical business systems. In order to deal with these persistent threats, companies need to implement the most advanced security testing policies, because waiting until an attack has started can mean the difference between a small issue and a true crisis.

Foresite’s testing and assessment services help organizations identify unknown vulnerabilities in their critical business systems that may have gone undetected, underestimated, or overlooked. Security testing isn’t just a good business practice — it’s a mission critical component of a sound security approach.

Our team of accredited security consultants are experts in cyber security and compliance. We will work closely with your in-house teams to create secure infrastructures and find existing vulnerabilities in your current systems. We analyze every aspect of your data security and recommend changes that help your company protect itself against potential threats.

Vulnerability and penetration testing

Vulnerability and penetration testing is all about reverse engineering the way that a potential attacker might target your system. We use the same tools that hackers would use to pinpoint areas of vulnerability and gain access to your network. Once we have identified a weakness, we take steps to help you close those vulnerabilities and safeguard your business.

Web application penetration testing

Web-based systems open many new avenues for access and therefore new vulnerabilities. Certain aspects of web applications make them particularly open to attack when compared to non-web systems. We work with your in-house teams to identify and mitigate potential risks before an attack occurs.

Enterprise security risk assessment

We don’t just analyze security risks as they apply to specific systems. We look at your whole organization to evaluate your overarching security practices and deliver an exhaustive report detailing how you can improve your security policies. Threat mitigation begins with a solid foundation.

Third-party risk assessments and business associate management

When entering into any new business relationship, it is critical that you do your due diligence in assessing the risk that a partnership brings to the table. This is especially true when it comes to who you will be sharing tech or networks with that could open vulnerabilities for your own business. Do they share data with other parties? Do their practices jeopardize your own compliance? Foresite will analyze and assess the risk that a third-party relationship presents and make recommendations for improving practices while maintaining beneficial business relationships.

There is no time better than the present to make sure that your business is safe from potential cyber threats. Foresite works directly with your internal teams to identify and patch potential vulnerabilities in your security systems.

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