Incident Response

Create a barrier to threats, loss, and crisis

Cyber attacks can severely impact your company’s bottom line revenue and damage your company’s reputation. Our managed incident response solutions help you stop the attack, assess the damage, and mitigate the impact to your business.

All companies are potential targets for cyber attacks every single day. A cyber attack could bring your business operations to a screeching halt, devastate your productivity, compromise your business data, and put your reputation at risk. In some cases, it could mean the end of your business altogether.

Intelligent incident response

Foresite’s managed incident response service is designed to end attacks before they begin. When breaches do occur, we help companies implement procedures that thwart the attack, remove the source, and mitigate damage to your finances and reputation.

Our incident handlers have vast experience in incident response procedures in a wide variety of industries. We work closely with internal teams to provide guidance and direction that can mean the difference between a thwarted threat and a disaster for your business. We work with your team through all phases of a security crisis to minimize the impact of the attack and put your company in a position to recovery quickly, while taking steps to ensure that similar attacks are prevented in the future.

Our managed incident response service can help your business:

  • Stop the attack
  • Identify what assets may have been affected
  • Collect all relevant evidence for civil, criminal, or regulatory proceedings
  • Remove the source of the breach
  • Mitigate the financial and reputational impact of the breach
  • Recommend and implement operational improvements to prevent similar breaches in the future

Companies that are unprepared to deal with a serious cyber threat put themselves in a very dangerous position. It is critical that the right steps are taken to stop an attack and mitigate damage as soon as the attack is identified. Our team of incident security experts can help you not only deal with a current attack, but also implement processes that will prevent future attacks as well.

In spite of the best preventive measures, breaches can occur. Are you prepared?

Download our Incident Management Services data sheet to learn how Foresite’s rapid response protocols can help you contain and remediate imminent threats — and minimize impacts on your organization.


At Foresite, we like to consider each client’s needs individually, in order to determine the best approach to your unique requirements. So let’s talk! Contact Foresite to request a scoping call today.