Poorly Written Ransomware Still Infects Unpatched Systems

WannaCry malware hit the news in 2017 when reports of the damaging attack spread through more than 150 countries.  The National Health Service in the UK, and FedEx where two of the worst hit organizations, but countless others, including small business, schools, and nonprofits were hit by this fast-spreading malware.

Now two years later, this poorly written malware continues to infect systems.  How?  Because so many systems are left unpatched and remain vulnerable.  In fact, Malwarebytes published a study that found almost 5 million detections of WannaCry after the major 2017 outbreak!

Many organizations simply don’t have the resources to keep up with patching, and are putting themselves at high risk for an exploit.  Our Resellers asked us to help with this issue, and we have introduced our patch management service to help keep clients protected and meeting compliance requirements.

A good security program requires multiple layers. And while you can’t remove the biggest threats to your network, we can help you identify and eliminate vulnerabilities attackers exploit, helping you ensure compliance. Patching is the first step to reducing the risk of ransomware and other malware. Foresite’s Vulnerability and Patch Management solution powered by Ivanti was created to identify and address security holes by quickly and effectively updating systems and applications. Whether you’re looking to improve and simplify patching for clients, extend your security solution, or implement comprehensive patch management for servers, our solutions are easy to install and configure.



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