What makes our ProVision solution different from other MSSPs?

Whether you are looking to implement security monitoring of your network for the first time, or you have a renewal coming up and want to explore your options, the MSSP landscape can be confusing.  Here are some key differentiators of Foresite’s ProVision solution that you may want to consider:

  1. ScalabilityGartner’s Competitive Landscape: Managed Security Services highlighted a “technical glass ceiling” in the industry.  Very few MSSPs get past the combination of 1,000 clients/5000 devices under management.  The reason?  Technical limitations of the MSSP’s platforms. Our ProVision platform was built with this in mind, and also allows us to scale our solution down to the SMB market as well.
  2. Efficiency – The ability to leverage an effective MSSP tool allows us to focus staff on analytics and proactive communication.  MSSPs without this type of staff efficiencies are more reactive and have a harder time retaining staff when lower-level functions have not been automated.
  3. Flexibility – Agile systems, processes and methodology enable a faster, more customer-centric service.
  4. More than MSS – On top of the traditional managed firewall services that you’d expect from your MSSP, there is also Managed Detection, Incident Response and support for next-gen technologies.
  5. Customer satisfaction – Gartner highlighted the most common customer service complaints:

Our MSSP was OK when we first started, but service levels have dropped off”  This is why every ProVision client is assigned a Technical Account Manager who regularly communicates with them to review findings, answer questions, and help continually tune the solution.

We used to be able to get time with analysts, but now it is much harder”  This is a symptom of the efficiency issue.  By driving efficiency with our proprietary platform, we are able to focus our analysts on maintaining client satisfaction through proactive communication and responsiveness to requests.

They were great until they were acquired, and then service delivery started to fall off”  This is one of the common complaints that we hear when customers of other MSSPs come to us for help.  Merging of disparate monitoring systems, outsourcing of SOC and customer satisfaction teams, and a sometimes attitude of “set it and forget it” can all lead to an overall drop in the level of service.

We feel like we are a small fish to them” SMB and midmarket clients are often stuck as they need more help with successful implementation of a solution and responding appropriately to the alerts, but they have trouble getting their MSSP’s attention. This is where we truly excel, as our clients benefit from our in-house expertise on cyber security, but also compliance and incident response, not to mention our thorough onboarding process and ongoing technical account reviews.

Are you looking to change your experience?  Look no farther than Foresite.

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