Foresite helps companies in sectors where compliance is critical

Foresite offers reliable, innovative security and compliance services to companies in industries where compliance is absolutely critical to the long-term success of their business. Many industries have very specific regulatory requirements that can be difficult to navigate without an experienced team.

With Foresite’s certified experts, companies in highly regulated industries will enjoy the peace of mind of knowing that their critical systems are managed by an expert team that can help them follow regulations to the letter of the law. Although we offer our services to almost any industry, we specialize in working with companies in industries where compliance is an important aspect of their daily operations.

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Some of the industries that we specialize in include:

Legal services

In the legal services industry, there is nothing more critical that protecting your data. The privacy of your clients is paramount to the success of your business. We work closely with legal services firms to ensure that they are storing, transferring, and utilizing data in ways that are consistent with the applicable state and federal regulations.


A data breach can be catastrophic for any company operating in the insurance industry. At Foresite, we know how important proper data security policies are for protecting your insurance company in the long term. Our team works closely with insurance providers to ensure compliance with all applicable state and federal regulations, while instituting security policies that keep your critical data safe.


Financial data is the most targeted type of data by hackers. This, combined with the fact that there are dozens of federal, state, and international regulations that financial services firms must comply with, means that companies in the financial industry need an experienced, dedicated team overseeing their security and compliance.

Retail PCI

Any retail company that collects and stores cardholder data must be PCI compliant. This complex and constantly evolving set of regulations protects customers, but can be difficult for businesses to navigate on their own. Our team of PCI compliance experts works closely with retail companies to institute policies that provide peace of mind for your customers and pave the way for long-term retail PCI compliance.


In the healthcare industry, HIPAA compliance is absolutely imperative for the future health of businesses. Fines for HIPAA violations can be unmanageable, and instituting proper data management of protected health information is critical. We work closely with companies to establish data policies that comply with HIPAA while still allowing the flexibility that your healthcare company requires to run smoothly.


For companies in the education industry, proper data security policies are of vital importance. We work closely with education companies to ensure that they comply with FERPA and are prepared for the proposed ESSA regulations.