Foresite Expands Services to Include Patch Management Services

Foresite, a managed security and cyber-consulting services provider, announces its inclusion of Patch Management services to its Managed Security Services lineup.

Addressing the rapidly growing number of security alerts can be a serious challenge for most security teams. Having a good security program requires a multi-layered approach. One of these layers is Patching in order to reduce the risk of ransomware and other malware.  Enter Foresite’s Vulnerability and Patch Management solution. This solution was created to identify and address security holes by quickly and effectively updating systems and applications.

Foresite helps organizations manage their IT security through managed security services providing high value and peace of mind. Foresite’s Managed Security Services are designed to help businesses secure their critical assets while saving money and freeing up resources, so organizations can focus on the core of their business. The addition of the Patch Management service in Foresite’s Managed Security Services lineup expands the enablement of organizations to easily patch third-party applications without the need for additional infrastructure or training. “The overwhelming majority of malware attacks today work by exploiting unpatched vulnerabilities such as Java-based browser add-ons,” says Marc Brungardt, President at Foresite. “So, companies looking to significantly improve their security risk, should start by evaluating their patch management strategy and its effectiveness.  This is an area that our consultants almost always identify as a high-risk issue needing improvement.  We felt this was a natural fit with our managed security services to provide the expertise, vigilance, and validation businesses need to ensure these risks are mitigated effectively.”


About Foresite

Foresite is a global provider of managed security, cyber consulting, and compliance services focused on delivering comprehensive solutions to protect our clients from increasingly persistent cyber threats.  Foresite’s solutions empower organizations with vigilance and expertise to proactively identify, respond, and remediate cyberattacks and breaches. For more information, visit us at or contact us at

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