Have you ever Googled your own name and been surprised by some of the information you found?  Comments on a blog post from years back, maybe an old email address from a past job, or an article about your involvement in a charity event.  Now imagine you were searching the areas of the web where personal information, account credentials and stolen data is sold.  You would really be shocked to see how much information about you has been exposed, including login and passwords.

The same is true for businesses.  Just because they don’t know what’s out there, doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.  Exposed credentials can lead to unauthorized access into their network, exposure of sensitive information or protected data, fines and litigation.

You can protect yourself and your clients with a combined solution that includes Dark Web Monitoring, but also incorporates 24/7/365 access to incident response forensic, legal and public relations resources to address what is detected.  What’s even better is the $250,000 cyber coverage to pay for the help in investigating the issue and dealing with the aftermath.

Don’t let ignorance of what is out there cause a massive and costly breach.