No matter how many controls you put in place, or how much cyber awareness training you provide, there is no 100% guaranteed solution to protect you from exposure to a cyber incident.  But now Foresite can offer you and your customers the next best thing with cyber monitoring to watch the Dark Web for your domain and any 3rd party vendor breaches that might expose you and $250,000 in annual cyber liability coverage to protect you.

The coverage includes costs that are often excluded from standard policies, such as:

  • Regulatory fines and penalties
  • Legal judgements
  • Crisis Management
    • Legal Counsel
    • Notification costs
    • Credit Monitoring for affected parties
    • Public Relations
    • Forensics

What’s more, the coverage includes 24/7 access to legal and incident response resources to help you confirm the appropriate next steps if you suspect an incident has occurred.

There are a few sub-limits that apply to the coverage:

  1. Ransomware – Ransom paid up to $10,000
  2. Telecommunications Theft (including wire transfers) –  paid up to $10,000
  3. Social engineering Fraud  – paid up to $10,000

The only businesses excluded from coverage by our A+ insurance carrier are PCI Level 1 merchants or businesses that have already suffered a PCI breach.  That’s it, your reward for being proactive is immediate comprehensive protection with no deductible.