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Protect your firm and intellectual property from devastating ransomware attacks

Protect your private case information from devastating ransomware attacks.

Protecting sensitive client data, especially in high-stakes legal matters is paramount for maintaining client trust and confidence.

If you’re working with confidential data and classified documents, it’s in your best interest to keep that information out of the hands of your competition. Without the proper protection for sensitive data, businesses in the legal industry are opening themselves up to tremendous risks.

Organizations in the legal industry are particularly vulnerable to ransomware attacks, wherein attackers compromise your network security and threaten to expose sensitive data unless large sums of money are paid. Furthermore, many of your rival law firms are not above hacking into your network to steal case data. It might sound crazy, but it’s true.

Let Foresite protect your data, your intellectual property, and your organization’s overall well being. Our Incident Response team can safeguard your company’s critical assets at all times, and will contain security breaches the moment they are found.

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