The VisionTrack Cyber Risk Calculator is now live on our website!

This calculator was developed to help our Resellers to be able to do high-level initial assessments for clients and prospects to identify areas where they are vulnerable so we can make recommendations to help them proactively reduce their cyber risk and protect themselves. You can use this tool during initial interview calls with prospects and during QBRs or annual reviews with current clients.

VisionTrack is based on the National Institute of Standards and Technology Cyber Security Framework, better known as “NIST CSF”.  The online assessment begins with “Identify“, asking what type(s) of data the organization collects, transmits, uses and/or stores.

In the “Protect” section, we have questions about third-party access, as well as what controls they currently have in place for data protection and security awareness training.  This section in particular can open opportunities for Resellers to expand the services and solutions they have in place with current clients.

Next is “Detection” to confirm if they are scanning and testing to see how their technical controls and staff may be vulnerable to exploits, as well as confirming if they are monitoring 24/7 to be able to detect threats, adding any threat intelligence or Managed Detection and Response (MDR).  This is another area where many organizations are lacking that our ProVision solution can fill the void.

Response” is another key area of opportunity as very few of the organizations that our Resellers bring to us truly know what do to in the event of an incident or suspected incident.  Our Breach Response Service is an inexpensive answer for many of these clients to have 24/7 access to incident response resources and funding to pay for the initial investigation and breach costs that are typically excluded from commercial insurance coverage, such as regulatory fines and legal judgments.

Finally, the “Recovery” section highlights some of the key services that our Resellers provide for clients, such as data backups and resources for performing data recovery.  It also highlights another concern that Clients need to review – do they have enough cyber insurance coverage to fund recovery?  An online breach calculator can estimate the cost of a single incident with the information they provide on the types of data they have to protect.

The final risk ratings will help you to pinpoint areas of concern so we can work with them to minimize their exposure to cyber threats.  We hope that you will make use of this tool by running high-level assessments on prospects and during Quarterly Business Review with existing customers to generate additional service revenue opportunities using this recognized framework as a guide.