How long before you could detect a cyber breach?

Threat detection is a critical component of cybersecurity and compliance requirements to protect data, but the statistics show that we have a long way to go.  The average time to detect a breach in 2019 was 206 days!  Six months is plenty of time for hackers to seek out critical data, steal copies of it, install malicious code and set up remote access to get back in if their initial point of entry is discovered and closed down.

You might think that the 206 days must be only for business sectors without compliance requirements to monitor their networks, but as this chart shows, that is NOT the case. Despite the HIPAA requirements for healthcare, PCI credit card processing requirements for retail and the fact that Education has multiple forms of protected data that they maintain, these sectors are in the top 5.

How long would it take for your organization (or your customers) to detect a threat?  While there are multiple factors involved in answering that question, 24/7 monitoring of key assets to watch for suspicious activity can help detect and protect.

Tracy Fox
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